”Together, we will solve the UN’s 300-year gender gap in this decade.”

In November 2022, the United Nations said that at the current rate of progress, it will take us 300 years to reach gender parity.

With women-led ventures driving an average of 12% higher revenue, 35% higher ROI and reinvesting 4x into communities, the economic success of our world depends on unlocking this potential. Together, we are doing something about it unlocking massive enterprise and investment opportunities for our clients, partners and the women we serve.
“Unlocked to their fullest potential, women have the capacity to drive an additional $28 Trillion into the global economy by 2025.”
-McKinsey & Co.

During the pandemic, EBW unlocked the power of our network to create supply chain solutions and in the process became the #28 fastest growing company in America as ranked by Inc. Magazine.

Now, we are making this network available to our corporate and investor partner clients at scale to unlock business opportunities that drive growth, efficiencies and returns.

This coming January 2024, EBW will be reopening our invitation-only BWW (Billionaire Weekend for Women) Investors Summit: SHE who has the potential to impact a billion lives. Here, we will be introducing to the world what we have been developing over this year- The SHEconomy.World by EBW. The SHEconomy.World is an immersive online experience married with offline LIVE events that use data, AI relationships from our network to drive growth.

Key to unlocking the financial value at scale of The SHEconomy.World are the corporate and investment partners aligned with the mission and vision to intentionally realize the value of doing business with women. From earning on average 35% higher ROI, 12% higher revenue and driving investment returns that often more than double male counterparts- The SHEconomy.World is THE premier source for leaders driving the new wealth.

We invite you to become a Founding Member with us and/or as a a key strategic partner.

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