Introducing the SHEconomy Index
Accelerating Gender Parity
in Corporate Leadership

The SHEconomy Index is a pioneering initiative with a specific mission: to . The UN’s assertion that “at the current rate of progress, it will take us 300 years to reach gender parity” serves as a sobering reminder of the urgency to drive change. The SHEconomy Index, spearheaded by women evaluators using a robust set of criteria, is working in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of scientists, politicians, technologists, data analysts, AI experts, media professionals, and financial experts. Together, we are steadfast in our determination to rewrite this narrative and aspire, in the spirit of JFK’s audacious declaration about reaching the moon in the 1960s, to achieve gender parity within our decade (from 2020 to 2030).

The SHEconomy Index utilizes a comprehensive framework of evaluation to gauge a company's commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment within the corporate world. Our key metrics include:

Percentage of Women Employees

This metric scrutinizes the proportion of women within a company's workforce, shedding light on its dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity.

Percentage of Women in Leadership Positions

This metric assesses the representation of women in leadership roles, highlighting the company's active promotion of women into positions of power and influence.

Supplier Diversity Spend

Evaluating the company's financial support for women-owned businesses in its supplier network showcases its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs.

Retention Rate of Women Employees

This metric examines the percentage of women who remain with the company over a specified period, indicating the company's success in providing a conducive work environment for women.

Pay Equity

Measuring whether men and women within the company are compensated equally for similar work underscores the company's commitment to fairness and gender equality in compensation.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

The number of employees who have undergone diversity and inclusion training programs reflects the company's proactive efforts to foster a culture of diversity awareness.

Recruitment Efforts

This metric evaluates the company's success in attracting diverse talent by assessing the percentage of women applicants, the diversity of the recruitment pool, and the efficacy of recruitment campaigns.

Promotion Rates

Gauging the percentage of women promoted to higher positions within the company offers insights into whether equal opportunities for career advancement are being provided.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

This metric measures the satisfaction levels of women employees, indicating the company's ability to provide a positive and inclusive work environment.

Work-Life Balance

Evaluation of the company's policies and initiatives related to work-life balance, including flexible schedules, parental leave, and remote work options, demonstrates its commitment to accommodating women's needs and promoting gender equality in work-life integration.

Community Engagement

This metric assesses the company's active engagement with women's organizations, sponsorship of gender equality events, and participation in mentorship programs, emphasizing its dedication to promoting opportunities for women beyond its workforce.

The SHEconomy Index is more than an assessment tool; it’s a catalyst for change. It spotlights global brands and corporations that are not only striving for gender parity but are actively advancing it. Together, with a diverse team of experts, we are working tirelessly to make JFK’s vision of achieving the moon landing within a decade a reality in the realm of gender parity. Our shared commitment is to transform the corporate landscape and accelerate progress towards gender equality during the crucial decade spanning from 2020 to 2030.

Moreover, we recognize that achieving gender parity isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s also an economic opportunity. As noted by McKinsey, by the end of 2025, we have the potential to unlock another $28 trillion into the GDP by unleashing the full potential of women. This vision aligns social, environmental, and economic interests, making it imperative for us all to collaborate and work together to realize this extraordinary potential. It’s a mission that transcends boundaries, benefits society as a whole, and propels us toward a future where gender equality is not a distant goal but a thriving reality.

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